U’Morid HaGeshem


It all starts from the ‘seeds’ that clouds grow from, which are teeny tiny pieces of ‘stuff’ high up in the sky.  They are referred to as cloud seeds and come from many places including giant sand storms, volcanic eruptions and car exhaust that makes its way up to where clouds are formed.  Just like any seed, to grow into clouds they need water.

Wondrous Water


The secret to water’s success lies in its exquisite design.  Water molecules are made in such a way that they stick to one another.  If you don’t believe me, try filling a cup of water a little bit above the rim.  The reason it doesn’t spill over is because the individual water molecules pull on each other in very weak and short-lived bonds that scientists call hydrogen bonds.  Although each bond is frail and doesn’t last long, at any given time most of the water molecules are holding onto each other, preventing the water from spilling over.  

Ring of Fire


Are you a bit skeptical about scientific theories? If you are, I commend you as scientists change their minds a lot and make many assumptions that may not be true.  However, with regards to the continents sailing apart over a molten sea, it seems that they got this one right.  The Ibn Ezra teaches us in that originally Hashem made one continent which He then split up into seven. 

Mountains of Ice


Sometimes you just have to marvel at how Hashem thought of everything when He made our world.  Think about how much water is around during the winter when it rains.  All the plants and animals have fresh water in abundance during this time, but what happens in the summer when the heat of the sun has dried up all the rain and the rivers and lakes that were once overflowing begin to dwindle?

Fantastic Fungi


What do you think is the largest living thing on earth?  It’s not a blue whale or giant redwood tree, but a really big fungus.  In the soil of Oregon’s Blue Mountain Forest lies a honey fungus that is over four square miles long (about 1,665 football fields) and weighs over a hundred tons!  Don’t worry, this monster won’t eat you as fungi (plural for fungus) prefer to eat things that have already died.

"The purpose of all these wonders is to make us aware that Hashem is there and that He is the One who brought these wonders about." -Rabbi Avigdor Miller(Ohr Avigdor, Chovos Halevavos)