Fundamentals of Physical Science


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Hashem made our world in such an awesome way so that we could easily recognize His ultimate wisdom and kindness. With the advances of modern science, our generation is privileged to know more about the Nifla’os Hashem than ever before. With such knowledge, it is upon us, to use our knowledge to gain a greater appreciation of the greatness of Hashem and His magnificent creations.

The Niflaos HaBoreh Explorer textbook series will guide you on a journey learning about the wonders of science and nature which are in truth the wonders of Hashem.  The second volume of our series, Anatomy, and Physiology, offers an in-depth study of the most magnificent creation in the universe, the human body, in a manner that is easy to read, fully kosher, and a true kiddush Hashem (see below for full table of contents included in this volume).

Fundamentals of Physical Science includes a comprehensive introduction to the topics in the Physical Sciences including Earth Science, Astronomy, Chemistry, and Physics.  It completes our middle school science series along with Fundamentals of Life Science and Anatomy and Physiology give students the highest standard of secular education along with an inspirational tour exploring the wonders of Hashem.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Chemistry
Section 1.1: Introduction to the Physical Sciences
Section 1.2: Matter, Compounds, and Chemical Bonds
Section 1.3: The Periodic Table, Mixtures, and Chemical Reactions
Section 1.4: Exp: Expand, Explore, Experience

Chapter 2: Physics
Section 2.1: Forces and Motion
Section 2.2: Energy, Waves, and Electromagnetic Radiation
Section 2.3: Exp: Expand, Explore, Experience

Chapter 3: Earth Science
Section 3.1: Earth’s System and Spheres
Section 3.2: The Water Cycle and Weather
Section 3.3: Exp: Expand, Explore, Experience

Chapter 4: Astronomy
Section 4.1: Introduction to Astronomy
Section 4.2: The Terrestrial Planets
Section 4.3: Gas Giants and Beyond
Section 4.4: Exp: Expand, Explore, Experience



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