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The first volume of our series, "Fundamentals of Life Science" is currently being used by over 1300 students around the world who are being both educated and inspired using our resources.  A steady stream of principals, teachers, and parents have reported how their students are more interested and learning more than ever before with our resources.  Our program includes a full set of teacher's resources that includes dynamic powerpoint presentations and a spectacular educational video series.  



This program is a powerful hour-long science presentation, delivered live by Rabbi Yaakov Lubin. It covers a wide variety of scientific concepts and emphasizes the wealth of planning and design inherent in the natural functioning of the world. Along with incredible videos, spectacular slides, and captivating content, you will be introduced to the Torah view of studying science: a means to increase your awareness of Hashem and awe of His works.


The Wonders of Creation - Mosaica Pres - Hardcover, 115p

Barchi Nafshi,  The Wonders of Creation is the first in a series of books for the home that shares incredible knowledge about Hashem's amazing planet with readers of all ages.  With fun-tastic facts and eye-popping photographs, this breathtaking book inspires a greater appreciation of what Dovid Hamelech was talking about when he said, "Mah rabu maasecha Hashem, kulam b'chochmah asisa" - a greater appreciation of the magnificence of Hashem and His glorious creations. 

"The purpose of all these wonders is to make us aware that Hashem is there and that He is the One who brought these wonders about." -Rabbi Avigdor Miller(Ohr Avigdor, Chovos Halevavos)