Fundamentals of Life Science


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Hashem made our world in such an awesome way so that we could easily recognize His ultimate wisdom and kindness. With the advances of modern science, our generation is privileged to know more about the Nifla’os Hashem than ever before. With such knowledge, it is upon us, to use our knowledge to gain a greater appreciation of the greatness of Hashem and His magnificent creations.

The Niflaos HaBoreh Explorer textbook series will guide you on a journey learning about the wonders of science and nature which are in truth the wonders of Hashem.  In this volume, Fundamentals of Life Science, you’ll learn how scientists research and obtain information, about cell structure, DNA and life under the microscope. Learn about the growth and development of the smallest plants & fungi — and the incredible life history of the tallest trees. Finally, we focus on the various biospheres around the world that Hashem creates and styles to support the immense variety of plants and animals we see around us (see below for full table of contents included in this volume).

The first volume of our series, Fundamentals of Life Science is currently being used by thousands of students around the world, who are being both educated & inspired. A steady stream of principals, teachers & parents continue to report that their students are more interested, and are learning more than ever before with our textbooks.

Table of Contents

Studying Science
Section 1.1 — Scientific Investigation
Section 1.2 — Branches of Natural Science
Section 1.3 — Studying Life
Section 1.4 — Expand, Explore, Experience

The Cell
Section 2.1 — Building Blocks of Life
Section 2.2 — Cell City
Section 2.3 — Getting to Know a Microscope
Section 2.4 — Expand, Explore, Experience

DNA and Genetics
Section 3.1 — Discovering DNA
Section 3.2 — The History of Heredity
Section 3.3 — Genes and Proteins
Section 3.4 — Expand, Explore, Experience

Planet of Protists
Section 4.1 — Introduction to Protists
Section 4.2 — Plant-like Protists
Section 4.3 — Fungus-like Protists
Section 4.4 — Expand, Explore, Experience

Fantastic Fungi
Section 5.1 — Garbagemen of the Planet
Section 5.2 — Magnificent Mold and the Uses of Yeast
Section 5.3 — Expand, Explore, Experience

Green Giants
Section 6.1 — Solar Power
Section 6.2 — Roots, Stems, and Leaves
Section 6.3 — Flower Power, Seeds, and Fruit
Section 6.4 — Expand, Explore, Experience

The Hidden Life of Plants
Section 7.1 — Secret Wars
Section 7.2 — Seedless Plants
Section 7.3 — Expand, Explore, Experience

Section 8.1 — Basics of the Biosphere
Section 8.2 — Designer Homes
Section 8.3 — Protecting the Planet
Section 8.4 — Expand, Explore, Experience