The Wonders Of Creation


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The Wonders of Creation shares incredible knowledge about Hashem’s amazing planet with readers of all ages. With fun-tastic facts and eye-popping photographs, this breathtaking book inspires a greater appreciation of what Dovid HaMelech proclaimed “How great are your works, O Lord! You have made them all with wisdom” (Tehillim 104,24)

You will learn how Hashem uses icebergs to support life in the sea, the hidden treasures He placed beneath our feet, the two super shields He made to protect us from radiation coming from the sun and many more examples of His ultimate wisdom and kindness. Order today to begin a magnificent journey exploring The Wonders of Creation!

Table of Contents

Ch.1 — Wondrous Water
Ch.2 — Mashiv HaRuach
Ch.3 — U’Morid HaGeshem
Ch.4 — Kocho U’Gevuraso Malei Olam
Ch.5 — Tornado Alley
Ch.6 — Fire in the Sky
Ch.7 — Remarkable Rivers
Ch.8 — Mountains of Ice
Ch.9 — Sensational Storage
Ch.10 — Ring of Fire
Ch.11 — Hidden Treasures
Ch.12 — Green Giants
Ch.13 — Mini Mouths
Ch.14 — Spectacular Seeds
Ch.15 — Secret Wars
Ch.16 — Fantastic Fungi
Ch.17 — Fabulous Flowers
Ch.18 — Designer Homes
Ch.19 — The Fantastic Four
Ch.20 — Super Shields
Glossary of Terms