Perek Shira Rabbits Book




Come discover the wonderful world of Hashem’s creation!

Turn reading time into a special opportunity to enrich your child with Torah hashkafa and emunah.

With captivating pictures and fascinating facts, the Perek Shira book series provides a delightful reading experience for children and adults alike.  Each book in the series highlights a different animal, along with its pesukim in Perek Shira, a Torah lesson, and where the animal is mentioned in the Torah.
Learn about each animal’s unique life:
How big is the animal and what does it look like?
What are the names and roles of its family members?
Where does it live?
What kind of food does it eat?
What special skill or characteristics did Hashem give this animal to help him survive?
What lesson can this animal teach us?
Where do we find this animal in the Torah?
Plus, fun facts you never knew!
A truly wonderful book about Rabbits!